Victoria max theurer blind date

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Victoria "Vici" Max-Theurer (born 24 October in Linz, Austria) is an Austrian Olympic dressage rider. Representing Austria, she has competed at four Olympic Games (in, and ).Born: October 24, (age 32), Linz, Austria.

The duo Victoria Max-Theurer and Blind Date, a year-old Hanoverian mare, won the Grand Prix, that was the qualifier for the Grand Prix Special on Sunday, with percent ahead of the US duo Allison M.

Teams Announced for 2017 FEI European Championships

Brock with Rosevelt. Profile page of horse BLIND DATE 25 Disciplines: Dressage. Created with Sketch. Horses Victoria Max-Theurer: Load more Dressage. Victoria Max-Theurer. AUT. Dressage.


Brigitte Wittig. GER Last Ride: Load more Medals description. Victoria Max-Theurer and Blind Date 25 didn’t fail with the flying changes which permitted the pair to secure the first place.

Judy Reynolds wished to win again after a succesfull GP for Special on Friday, but her hopes broke when Vancouver K made two big mistakes with trot and one with the transition passage-extended trot-passage that.

Christian Heinrich was co owner of Brigitta's half (actualy more than half!) sister Blind Date who is doing spectacularly under Victoria Max- Thurer.

The year old Grand Prix dressage stallion Breitling W has just been proclaimed Hanoverian Stallion of the Year

Victoria max theurer blind date
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