Compare hofstedes cultural dimensions with the globe framework

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The Cultural Dimensions by Geert Hofstede

Mongolia: A Cultural Portrait using the Hofstede 5-D Model. cultural dimensions using the United States for comparison. © Global Journals Inc. (US) 2 Global Journal of Management and Business Research A Volume XIV Issue IX Version I Y ear () 2 Mongolia: A Cultural Portrait using the Hofstede 5-D Model.

work, Hofstede identifies four basic cultural dimensions which, according to the author, are able to explain half the variance in the countries’ scores on cultural values.

Now this is a framework called the Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions theory. It was introduced by Hofstede in his book, Culture's Consequences, and it has had an influential role in our understanding of cross cultural communications.

Hofstede's framework for assessing cultures began in the late 's, while in the later future, the GLOBE framework for assessing cultures began in Hofstede based his survey on IBM workers in 40 countries and found that both managers and employees vary on five value dimensions of national culture.

According to one article “Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions and Tourist Behaviors: A Review and Conceptual Framework” in Journal of Economics, Finance & Administrative Science, “Geert Hofstede is the most well-known name in the field of cross-cultural.

Mar 06,  · Geert Hofstede’sCultural Dimensions used in a comparison of Japanese and American culture. These two cultures score so very differently and are great examples of how these dimensions can.

Compare hofstedes cultural dimensions with the globe framework
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