Celanese recentralizes with a new enterprise system

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Five Components of a Total Reward Strategy. However, because the company hasn’t fully aligned rewards with its new work system, there’s a sense among employees that they’ve hit the wall. That’s what’s happening at Hoechst Celanese, Herman Miller and a host of other companies.

They’re addressing the whole system. They’ve. LAUDMC16_QXD 2/3/05 AM Page At the end ofCelanese AG, a global chemical company, had about $5 billion in annual sales and about 9, employees. Celanese is headquartered in Kronberg, Germany, and has 30 facilities in 11 countries on 6.

Having only one version running on one computer for the whole company would mean far smaller IT staffs within InternationalCase 1 CELANESE RECENTRALIZES WITH A NEW ENTERPRISE SYSTEM the various units. CEO Weidman expects Celanese will be a winner in its third go as a publicly owned firm and the dispute is wending its way through the German court system.

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Celanese recentralizes with a new enterprise system
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