Bugen s coping with death scale

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The scale developed out of Pargament’s () program of theory and research on religious coping. The items themselves were generated through interviews with people experiencing major life stressors.

The Dual Process Model of Grief: Navigating the Spiral

Bugen's Coping with Death Scale, originally found to reflect gains in a death and dying seminar, was found in the present study to be internally consistent and stable on retest. It was negatively associated with the Templer and Collett-Lester scales, providing some convergent validation.

It was not. Death and Coping A Psychological Test. Masters of Leadership Coaching Psychology. PSY Abstract. Bugen's Coping with Death Scale is merely one of many different forms of psychological tests and measurements that assess a person's level of coping and thoughts based on death and dying.

Coping with the Anniversary of a Loved One’s Death

The short version of Bugen’s Coping with Death Scale presented here is a brief questionnaire composed of nine of the original items. This nine-item version was tested in two representative samples of palliative care professionals from Spain and Argentina.

Specifically, the Coping with Death Scale (CDS) has repeatedly shown psychometric problems with some of its items. Objective. The aim of this study was to develop and validate a short version of the CDS.

Methods. study is to develop and validate a short version of Bugen’s Coping with Death Scale. For this purpose, a brief, simpler.

Bugen s coping with death scale
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