A walk across america

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A Walk Across America

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Walk Across America

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A Walk Across America Peter Jenkins First Edition Hardcover See more like this The Walk West: A Walk Across America 2 [Oct 01, ] Peter Jenkins and Barbar. Pre-Owned.

Peter Jenkins (travel author)

The Race Across America, or RAAM, is an ultra-distance road cycling race held across the United States that started in as the Great American Bike Race. In a straight line, barring any problems, the trip could take four to five months. However to walk across youll have to keep to hiking trails and county roads and state highways (since its illegal to walk on the interstates) which meander.

Peter Jenkins (born August 7, ) is an American travel author. He is known for walking from New York to Oregon while writing two books that describe his experiences over the nearly six years that he spent walking.

He is a graduate of Alfred University, with a BFA in Sculpture/Ceramics (), as well as an honorary doctorate (). Jenkins began his walk across America in Alfred, New York.

We dove headfirst into the Pacific ocean, and completed our day, 3, mile walk across the United States.

It was the perfect end to a journey that continually challenged us physically and mentally, changed our perspectives and in the end left us feeling inspired. Undefeated Athlete of the Week Duke walk-on Brennan Besser to bike across America to help developmental disability community.

Brave, fearless and all agents of change, athletes will be recognized.

A walk across america
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